Land Studies is a project I started to connect the viewer work in a way that gives them the ownership and decision of my work’s outcome. By studying the land in a way that examines it through placement, not focusing on the concrete location, I am attempting to create contrast between the image’s physical place and that of which the viewer sees. The concept behind this project is to allow the viewer the opposite experience they get from a traditional exhibition in a gallery or museum. This project begins to function in the same way I experienced it: through the act of traveling. In this reasoning I have begun a process of selecting individuals to mail series of prints to with the unknowing process of how the prints will be reacted to. I am asking you, the viewer and controlling factor of this project, to do with these images, as you will. You can do anything you want to the work a few options are:

Discard the images

Keep all the images

Take one or several images and continue the project by sending the rest of the images to another person

Through working with this process I am giving you, the viewer, the ability to determine the role of my arts existence for others.
Jennifer Keats: Chicago, IL
Chris Schedel: Chicago, IL
Nadia Moussa: Paris, France
Emmanuel Zemori: Paris, France
Kristen Jensen:Salt Lake City, Utah
Lindsay Vehorn: Chicago, IL